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What Flapper Dress to Wear to a 1920s Theme Party?

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1920s flapper dress

If there's one piece of clothing that's been influential in the recent century, it's the flapper dress of the 1920s! I bet no one would deny this. Many people today are interested in the culture of the 1920s and have organized a series of 1920s-themed parties. The fashion of 1920s is really attractive and has forever changed how women looked and dressed since then. From this blog, you would get to know what is real flapper dress and you are guarantteed to wear the right flapper dress to your 20s party.

 Black Golden 1920 Retro Sequin Dress

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The Appearance of Flapper Dress

The appearance of Flapper dress is inseparable from the social events at that history period. After the First World War, women started to change the way how they dressed up and they started to have the right to vote. They started putting on makeup, chopping their hair off, and partying until the wee hours of the morning. Flapper dress was deeply loved by women at the time, and like jazz culture, this flapper dress culture also flourished due to the liberation of women.

 1920s flapper dress

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From the moment women got rid of the conservative style of the past decade, the hem of their dress began to rise. At first, it only rose a few inches, but between 1925 and 1927 a flapper skirt dropped just below the knee. For the first time women wore free-spirited dresses that allowed them to dance without being ashamed of their bodies. At the time, the Charleston dance was very popular and became the dance business card of the flapper.


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Flapper dresses in the 1920s were often combined with wide or narrow straps, leaving most of the arms bare. Due to the ideal androgynous style, they also feature a straight and often loose fit, and they also feature a low waist. Typically, the hem of a 1920s evening dress was the same knee length as a day dress. The skirts, on the other hand, rose below the knee and later a few inches higher, exposing the women's legs as they walked or danced in Charleston.


In general, most skirts are made of very delicate, thin and breathable fabrics. Since the most fashionable styles of skirts for women are straight and knee-length, most dresses have a straight hem that neatly wraps around the upper calf. Evening dresses from the 1920s are always stunning. Some of them were heavily beaded and feature clusters of tassels, beads, rhinestones or crystals to accentuate the layers, as the rows of embroidery below give them a dramatic effect. These fabrics are also expensive and feature bold designs with geometric themes belonging to the Art Deco style. Only the wealthiest can afford formal dress metallic sequins and threads, and the less wealthy end up replacing it with affordable, less flashy options.



The Roaring Twenties are remembered for their unique energy and unmistakable love of life. Life imitates art. ..however, in 20s fashion, people tended to imitate life. Jazz-age nightlife, with Charleston's wild dancing, and vibrant jazz music, turned fashion into a stylish fusion of design, beauty, and practicality. The wonderful beaded flapper dress allows a woman to move freely while dancing and expose her body in an alluring way.



Although most evening dresses were lavishly decorated, fringed dresses didn't really catch on in the 1920s. The archives show that people wore sequined fringed skirts, but mostly dancers wore them as costumes. On the other hand, the fringed version famous as a figurine in the movie The Great Gatsby was actually a revival between the 1950s and 1960s. Whether it's Halloween party costumes or special occasion costumes, real flapper costumes consist of dresses made from lightweight materials like chiffon, silk, satin or crepe. Accessories like pearl necklaces, bell-shaped hats, or any headband adorned with embroidery, beads, and feathers would be all the rage for dresses in the 1920s.

 1920 flapper dress


Flappy fashion owes much to the behavior and attitude of the women who wear them, as much as the style of the clothes themselves. What beautiful clothes they are: simple, sexy and modern. They really don't look like your grandma's clothes as you might imagine. A flapper dress and flapper jewelry are paired like hands and gloves. Short skirts, slave bracelets and short haircuts, the flaps continue to reflect today's free and fashion-forward women. Marked by the perfect fusion of elegance and simplicity, flapper Fashion makes full use of minimalist style to create a modern fashion for a rapidly developing society.

What's so appealing about flapper styles? It's very sexy and unique. The style is naturally thin - elongates the figure and highlights the female facial features. With a lively personality, the right dress, nice shoes, a simple necklace and some dangling earrings - will ensure you are the most glamorous and elegant guest in any outfit.



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