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Five Steps to Achieve A Flapper Look

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Five Steps to Achieve A Flapper Look

Hi cuties, are you a Great Gatsby fan? Do you like roaring 1920s fashion? Do you like flapper dresses from the 1920s? If you are a serious fan of 1920s culture, or you are about to go to a 1920s theme party, you should read this article. In this passage, you’ll learn the five basic steps to easily achieve a flapper look. Let's jump right into the steps!


Step 1: First, you can surf the Internet to check out some pictures and videos about 1920's women's clothing. This step will help you get a very quick and intuitive understanding of the 1920's outfits. After scanning over these sources, you can easily find that not every woman in the 1920s was flapper, but the flapper dress was the dominant feature at the time. Most women prefer to wear this boxy skirt which didn't really show the curves of a woman's figure. To be an authentic flapper woman, you first have to make sure that the dress you choose is correct. When you choose a flapper dress with very distinct 1920's characteristics, you are halfway there. The following dresses are the replicas of 1920s flapper dresses.

 Five Steps to Achieve A Flapper Look

 (AV111 GreenAV042 NavyAV106 Golden)

Step 2: Hair and makeup styles are also things you need to pay attention to. You can learn about hair and makeup styles in the 1920s through books and videos. The quintessential 1920's hairstyle is the Bob, but not every woman actually cuts her hair to look like a Bob. Back in the 1920s, a lot of women wanted this look, so they would actually keep their long hair and put it in a bun at the back. If you don't think you're very good at styling your hair, a Bob wig to match your 1920 dress is a great option.

 Five Steps to Achieve A Flapper Look

Step 3: Pick the right accessories. Women in the 1920s liked to wear long strings of pearl necklaces. You can find this type of necklaces in many second-hand stores or online stores. Now there are many online stores that focus on 1920s replicas, such as Queendancer. To achieve an authentic flapper look, you don't need to spend a lot of money, accessories like these can easily be found in your closet or in your grandma's house. You'd be surprised how a small piece of necklace can make your whole look authentic 1920s. In addition to necklaces, headbands are also very good accessories.

 Five Steps to Achieve A Flapper Look

(CGZL21187 Black)

Step 4: Choose the right shoes. Open your shoe cabinet and see if you can find Mary Jane-style shoes that were very popular in the 1920s. The straps on the shoe hold it securely to the foot so women can dance to their heart's content without losing the shoe in the process. Queendancer has a great selection of Mary Jane shoes with a very comfortable heel, perfect for this 1920s style. If you have these shoes in your closet already, congratulations!

 1920s shoes


Step 5: Talk like a Flapper. It’s easy to dress like a flapper, but if you can talk like a flapper, it can add so much fun to your party! Here is some common flapper slang you may be interested. It’s not difficult to find that some of the words are still using nowadays.

  • Sweetie - Anybody you hate
  • Butt me - Give me a cigarette
  • Money - Sugar
  • Good - Bee's knees
  • Bad- Banana oil





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