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How to Throw a 1920's Party?

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1920 party dress


The Roaring Twenties was a decadent historical heyday. Falppers, gangsters and bootleggers were reveled after the doors of speakeasies that were closed across America during Prohibition. The underground club was full of ragtime and Cab Calloway. Flappers in feathered headbands, pearls, and Mary Janes danced merrily, shaking the fringes of their skirts. Despite a nationwide ban on alcohol, men in pinstripes and fine beards sipped cocktails and smoked fancy cigars.

If you are on the way to organize your 1920s theme party, can add this fun and rebellious vibe to your 20s party.



Ideas about 20s Theme Party

1. Send Invitation

Make an invitation letter that looks amazing. This will make a very good first impression on friends coming to the party. In the invitation letter, you can also list some necessary information, such as dressing code, party location and activities.

Designing your party invitations carefully as your invitations are the calling card of your party. For a 20's themed party, you can decorate the card with feathers and sequins and pearls, these elements can convey the spirit of the 20's very vividly. Regarding the color of the font, my suggestion is a white paper background with gold and silver font, or a gold and silver font on a black background.

1920 invitation card

Since this is a costume dress party, be sure to use your invitations to inform guests that they should be wearing their best 1920s outfits. 

Back in the 20s, when the ban was in full swing, speakeasies used to require guests to say a code to get in. This helps keep the authorities and swing parties out. You can also use this to design a secret code for your 1920s party. Of course, don't forget to design a very classic and 20's-themed backdrop at the party location, and when your guests are well-dressed and stylish, they'll want to take some pictures as a souvenir.


2. Decorate your party scene

Try adding some 1920s-inspired decorations to your party setting, which can quickly turn it into an atmospheric jazz club.


Set the Table

Arrange a round table for every six guests. Layer it with black linen and white linen for an added punch of color. In the middle of the table you can place a round fish tank with a goldfish in it. Place a few strings of pearl necklaces around the tank. Put a deck of cards on each table so guests can play poker during the party. With a bottle of chilled champagne on each table, it was already very atmospheric. At the same time, don't forget to put champagne flute, you don't have to take out your precious glass flute, the disposable plastic flute in the supermarket will be fine.

 set 1920 party table

Set up the Bar Area

If you want to go a little deeper, consider setting up a bar area. You can hire a bar tender and inform your guests that there is a paid drinking area at the party site, with plenty of spirits, beers and wines to choose from. The benefit of this is that someone can serve you, otherwise you might have to juggle serving roles at your party. As an added bonus, you don't have to spend too much on your party.

 1920 party bar area

Additional Ideas

Cut a piece of black matboard the same size as the front screen door. Cut out a circle at a suitable position for the peephole. Peepholes were often used in underground drinking clubs during the Prohibition era of the 1920s. Bodyguards look through peepholes before admitting visitors to make sure they're not police officers. Then they will ask the guest to say the secret code. If they get the code right, they can come in. You can also add this link to your themed party for a little more fun! On the day of the party, when your guests are coming to the party site, you can put on the music prepared in advance, which can also enhance the party atmosphere and let your guests actively participate in the line. If you have a large party, you can also throw an outdoor 20s party. Set up a large tent and hang a few strings of white lights inside and outside the tent. Your guests will love the activity environment, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the dynamic jazz. You can also place large potted plants in the corner of the party to complete the 20's setting. Make a sign, give your club a name, like Michael’s Speakeasy, and hang it at the entrance to your party.


3. Food

A buffet dinner is a great way to entertain and care for your guests. Group dining will give every table the opportunity to socialize and enjoy a delicious meal. Serving meals also reduces the likelihood of guests getting drunk. 

You can prepare your food in advance and have your buffet table and plates set up. It is recommended that you hire a caterer to assist you with the work. Regarding kind, it is enough that you can offer two meat choices, two starchy foods, a variety of vegetables and other side dishes. If you decide not to go the buffet route, you can set up a simple snack bar where guests can choose from a variety of small snacks throughout the evening. 

Your guests will want to dance like a 1920s flapper in their best dresses, so be sure to offer plenty of themed music and a dynamic dance floor. 

1920 party food

4. Activity

It's important to make sure there's a lot to do at your party besides eating and drinking. Here are some theme ideas for fun party events.


In addition to the poker, gin and other games that will be played at each table, you can also offer additional gambling opportunities. Hiring dealers and tables is a great way to keep the party going and make sure you can have fun too. The dealer will set up the table for the guests to play, and they will be responsible for the subsequent cleaning up. Blackjack, roulette and craps have always been crowd favorites. Make sure each guest arrives with enough playing chips so they can gamble.

1920 gambling table


Set up a prize bar at the back of the tent or party area where game winners can redeem their prizes. Here are some prize ideas for 20s party themes:

A bottle of wine

Four dozen beers

Chocolate cigar

Chocolate gun

Pearl necklace

Disposable Camera 

Music and Dance

Make sure you have plenty of music and a solid sound system on hand. The music should be from the 1920s and have a lot of ragtime and swing. If you're using a preset playlist, make sure it's long enough to play continuously during the party. Make sure to carve out an area for dancers, because dancers and their dates are sure to rock like there's no tomorrow! You might even consider getting someone to teach Charleston dance live.

1920 music


Set up an area in front of one of your themes where guests can take souvenir photos in costume.



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