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Things You Should Know If You Are Planning A 1920s Wedding

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1920s wedding
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Many modern people are very interested in the culture of the 1920s, and some people want to hold a 1920s-themed wedding. If you are planning a wedding in the 1920s or you are interested in hosting it in the future, then this article can help you better understand the 20s fashion.

In 1921, prosperity was on the rise and Britain was booming into a wobbly post-pandemic world. Many women were eager to gather and show off new, shocking dressing or lifestyles. Live music was everywhere, creating a captivating soundtrack that served as a rhythm for a mass return to normalcy. A 1920s wedding theme or Art Deco wedding aesthetic offers endless opportunities to incorporate vintage details into a modern event. Read on to find out how to incorporate roaring 20s retro elements into a contemporary wedding!

History Background

A hundred years ago, a series of historical events created the backdrop for a unique historical period, with its own fashion, music and even architecture. What sets this decadent decade apart is the attention to detail. A quick history lesson will help you decide where to incorporate historical elements, and where you might prefer a contemporary exchange for your wedding.

Dance for the End of the War

In Britain, the 1920s would mark the victorious end of the First World War. Those who profited from the war only got richer. They reinvested the money back into society and culture as people longed to resume gatherings after the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. This would lead to the rise of the jazz clubs and cocktail bars that defined the era. Young people were eager to get out there and live their lives, thankful for having survived both the flu and the war. This was the age of new dances, new drinks and new literature. 

Bright Young Man

There was a lot going on in the British tabloids as journalists started covering the lives of young aristocrats. Reporters called the group of bohemians "Bright Young Things". They were known for their wild acts, from flamboyant parties to overnight treasure hunts across the city of London. It was these young people who had inspired much of the literature in which accounts of this bold decade can be found. The wildest Bright Young Things can be found in many popular books from that period. These books include The Great Gatsby, Highland Fling and Time's Musical Dance. These raucous parties might be the wonderful inspiration for an unforgettable 1920s wedding!

 1920s dance

By Anthonydpadgett From Wikimedia Commons


Art Deco Wedding Elements

Britain's Art Deco period ran from 1908 to 1935, but has become synonymous with the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age. Art Deco was a gorgeous aesthetic characterized by geometric patterns, chrome and mirrors, natural patterns and dramatic contrasts. We see more after the First World War, because then wealth was increasing and it was available to all classes of people. The look of Art Deco resembles an old Hollywood aesthetic, which may inspire decorative details for modern events. In Art Deco, artists elevate everyday objects in a thoughtful and captivating way. You can still see many buildings from this period in the UK today!

1920 art deco pattern

 1920s Popular Art Deco Pattern

Your 1920s Wedding Theme

Now that you know more about what was going on at the time, you can now choose how to incorporate these elements into your wedding! Since this period is defined by joy and decadence, this is a fun party-themed plan! By combining thoughtful vintage and period details, you can bring this decade to life and wow your guests!

Roaring 20S Fashion

When it comes to 1920s wedding themes, you have plenty of options to evoke the era without feeling dated or outdated! This period in history was revolutionary in fashion and a lot of cultures involved dress!